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Business trip to India - Visa

posted 24 Jan 2013, 04:52 by Jan Larsson
Go to India on a business trip sounds easy, 
-book a flight
-grab your passport and you're on your way ... 
who am I kidding? I have now spent almost 1 working day to figure out how to fill out the online application for Visa. Fathers birth place ?? Huh, like the embassy of India would know about the small village Forsträsk in the wilderness of Norrland, I mean Forsträsk is 15 km outside of Niemisel. Do YOU know where Niemisel is?, It's 20 km outside of Boden, aha now you might know where we are. But still, how many Swedish born citizen can pinpoint Boden on a map?

Okay, the online part is now ready after tons of unnecessary questions. Printed - check.
New passport valid more than 6 months - check.
Letter of intent from my employeer begging for my Visa - check.
Invitation from Company in India - waiting
A 2x2" photo with white background - waiting